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[ profile] zorndeslammes mentioned in my previous Conneaut Lake post that he'd miss the Blue Streak coaster as well as the dark ride. Oh, yes, the dark ride. I remember it as Dr. Moriarty's Wild Ride but it had another name before it went down for the count.

I wrote it up in a trip report. It involves the most incredible wall of ABC gum it was ever my misfortune to encounter. Kinda gruesome. Beware.

Dr. Moriarty's Wild Ride )
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Conneaut Lake Park, somewhere in a stretch of Pennsylvania between Erie and Pittsburgh, is pretty much closed for good. Employees have been laid off, all plans for Doo-Wop Weekend and the like cancelled, and a fundraising program started this spring will now be used to pay off the park's incredible amount of bills instead of acting as capital for the opening. The park's been struggling for years now, relying on loans and fundraisers and the good graces of the township and friends. It's had more reprieves than any other small amusement park I've ever known, but now it appears as if even Conneaut's time has run out.

I visited Conneaut only once in 2000, stayed for exactly one hour, and had a wonderful time. I chronicled part of the experience for Neil deMause's late, lamented HERE Magazine (I recommend perusing all the stories there on a day when you don't have much to do, because you'll be there for quite a while.) And my rides on the Blue Streak, which now will be the only rides I got to enjoy, were among some of the best roller coaster rides I ever had. For serious.

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