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So there I was minding my own business in the Western Plaguelands, helping some dragonkin fake gnome find her missing watches and I was really enjoyi

Wait what

Well what do you know! I HAEV WON TEH GAME YAY.

And the gory details of the Ride To 60 are behind the cut. )

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Owen-san and I unravel the Mystery of a Very Hidden World of Warcraft Easter Egg:

<Spatch> and I found this last night in everlook:
(That's how your speech looks in Ultima Online when you die and resurrect as a ghost.)
<Owen-san> !
<Owen-san> That's *hilarious*.
<Owen-san> have you tried parsing it as 7-bit ascii?
<Owen-san> Holy shit, that was a random guess and I might be right (so far: 'Ulti')
<Owen-san> Hur hur hur: "Ultima Online" so far.
<Owen-san> Ultima Online Napa Valley Knights of Chaos
<Owen-san> Someone has left a very well-hidden word to his guildies
<Owen-san> Incidentally, I can't believe I translated that.
<Owen-san> i r teh geek

The niftiness of this little well-hidden easter egg is only offset by the fact that today's WoW patch has completely broken my client. Blizzard, in its infinite wisdom, has decreed that the game patcher requires over a gigabyte of free disk space to patch less than a megabyte worth of game files. When the patcher told me this, I hit the "OKAY I WILL EXIT AND FREE UP SOME SPACE BY DELETING PORN VALUABLE WORK DOCUMENTS" button and freed up some disk space, only to find that since the patcher had run (even though it hadn't completed patching) the client thinks it's already the up-to-date patched version... without the patched files in place.

Absolutely brilliant. Tuesday is NO PLAYING DAY for me, and it's also my Weekday Off! HOORAY!
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So once upon a time there was a little gnome named Frotz who was bored with running around Westfall doing things for the stupid humans.

"Oh, hello Frotz!" they'd say, "You're a little gnome with stubby legs who can't run very fast. Say, why don't you walk all the way across three zones to deliver some stupid letter that I should be able to deliver on my own, seeing as how I'm a big person and I even have a goddamn horse, but I'm too lazy to do such menial tasks. Oh, and there's a lovely piece of bread in it for you if you succeed!"

So after going back and forth and back and forth to play mailman for a bunch of whiny "Oh nos I cannot possibly spare any more troops for your battles, go ask Mr. Owl" humans, when all he really wanted to do was hurl fireballs at passing spiders, he decided he'd had enough. He was going to storm Stormwind and smash it from within! And I hayulped!

The revolution will be posted on LiveJournal! )

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Breaking out of the [zug zug] filter, here are three (four, sir!) postcard-scenic shots I've taken recently in World of Warcraft, sized rather big and hosted on Imageshack because they're cool and give me easy thumbnail links, which are behind the cut. I've rotated these as my Windows desktop and maybe some folks would like scenic wallpaper, too. I like taking nice scenic shots every now and then.


Coming soon: Shots of the Horde's favorite haunts, including Thousand Needles and, as we like to call it, Stonetalon Mountains National Park.


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