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Yeah, we got ourselves a copy of the full creator. Timmy (suction cup kitty) is currently undergoing rebuilding because something weird happened to his head and it moves strangely when he walks around. I don't know.
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The trial version of the Spore Creature Creator was put on a CDROM for some UK gamer mag and now it's all over the intarwebs. And lo is it brilliant. Making critters is easy and insanely addictive. I made some!

This one is Jethro.

And this one is Rodney.

Plus you get little icon-sized doodz if you want.

Oh, and there's video. Here's Jethro doing a dance with little miniature Jethros. My god the full version is gonna be awesome with a capital Awesome.
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Sirab Rithz^m, "The Warmth of Bulwarks", an Alder ring
This is a Alder [sic] ring. All craftsmanship is of the highest quality. On the item is an image of a dwarf in deer leather. The dwarf is dead.

If you've never played Dwarf Fortress (think a roguelike version of Dungeon Keeper) boy howdy is you missin out on some truly stoopid fun. Especially when you accidentally flood your fortress with magma, or when 75% of your settlement dies during the winter and one of the few survivors goes berserk and runs around the wilderness trying to get into fistfights with deer. This is the reason why DF's motto is "Losing is fun!"
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Why no, I did not just play GTA4 for 12 hours straight.
Anybody who tells you that is a complete and utter liar.

And I did not come up with a game called Superman where you take a fast motorcycle and speed full-tilt down one of the Algonquin avenues until you smack into a car, fly off the bike and soar for a block and a half while hollering "SUPERMAAAAAAAN!!" Bonus points if you hit a streetlight or traffic signal. Honestly we have the next Olympic sport on our hands here, people. That is, if I'd actually done that.
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I manually calibrated Rock Band tonight. That is, I watched das blinkenlights and strummed when I thought I should, and the system went "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp okay you are calibrated" and what do you know, the Strat doesn't feel mushy anymore. I'm hitting all the notes I should be.


But now I wonder if it'll feel kinda weird when I go over to someone else's place to play. Maybe they've already calibrated it to their liking, maybe not. (My sweet spot, by the way, is -48 ms. That's what the computer thingy says at least. I even did a spot check and played with my eyes closed; yes Virginia we do have a sense of rhythm and we stick to it.) Maybe they haven't, and have just gotten used to hitting the strum thingo 48 milliseconds after I usually do. Maybe their TV and/or monitor doesn't have the same delay that mine does. And I'd feel like an absolute sno[b|t] if I showed up at any other place and said "Mind if I calibrate your system?" (I'm sure there's a term for That Guy.) But on the other hand, maybe it just doesn't really matter.

That said, a lot of the songs on Hard have become a lot more fun to play because I'm not constantly overworrying about whether or not I'll hit the damn thing. I absolutely adore Queen Bitch and Reptilia and even Celebrity Skin, which I wasn't too crazy about the first time it came 'round.
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000. When you go to the store to buy Rock Band, you make everyone jealous. The ne'er-do-wells sitting in the comfy chairs at Best Buy playing Madden stopped when I stepped by to pick up the big box. "Oh, daaaamn, Rock Band!" they all said, hopping up and down with excitement. "It's Rock Band Day," I proclaimed, staggering towards the checkout with one (1) big box and one (1) extra guitar box and one (1) XBox 360 hard drive balanced on top. The cabbie who took me home, for crying out loud, got all "Oh daaaamn, Rock Band!" when he saw what I was putting in the back of the car. "I'm gonna get that for my Wii!" he said, which made me glad to think that people are tipping him well enough that he's gone and gotten a Wii. I think the downstairs neighbors are excited, too.

001. Drums on Easy are more fun than anything you can do without violating obscenity laws. Medium is okay too but Easy teaches you the finer art of the foot pedal and hitting eighth notes with it and stuff.

010. The Fender Stratocaster is a beautiful looking device. But the strum bar is mushy and I don't know if it's a product defect, but it doesn't like registering too many sixteenth notes in a row. Or sometimes it doesn't even like recognizing three eighth notes in a row. Needless to say this makes playing the bass quite difficult. I shall have to do some experimenting. It also really doesn't like being tilted up to kick in to Overdrive. I've heard some folks have found the way to fix this is to point the neck down when you're starting the game in an attempt to "calibrate" the position sensor. I also welcome any other bits of advice y'all may have.

The Gibson Xplorer, which Activision made for GH3, is clicky and hasn't had nearly as many downstrum problems and hits Overdrive most of the time, but its scale is smaller than the Strat's and so the neck is wee tiny. Hrumph. Some folks just can never be pleased. Good thing I'm getting the hang of the drums.

011. I can understand the logic behind keeping one character to one role -- your singer can't moonlight as a drummer, and you can't have a guitarist and drummer with the same name -- but the whole "band leader" thing is counterintuitive to our happy shared collective.

I mean, example here: Tonight, Chris, Carolyn and I were all playing in The Bacon Sandwiches (with or without an umlaut over any of the vowels; your choice.) My guitarist Dale Liverstuss had founded the band. Chris' guy Shade was the other guitarist, and Carolyn had a vocalist. No problem. We started Band World Tour and made it to I think Seattle.

But then we wanted to switch around. I wanted to play drums and bring in Martha Ramone, the pirate drummer. We had to start a new band because I was giving up Dale Liverstuss, and Chris wanted to keep playing Shade. Hey, maybe Dale was working on his solo career and couldn't make this tour. You never know. But Dale is the Bacon Sandwiches, apparently, so the lead guitar and vocalist had to go find another group to be a part of. I dunno. Does this make sense to you? If so, call 1-800-YER-ON-CRACK.

100. The downloadable stuff is good, good, good. And in June, they'll be releasing the Pixies' "Doolittle" in its entirety. Next week Judas Priest's "Screaming for Vengeance" will be the first full album download. The Cars' self-titled album will show up in May, and then in June, yeah. Fortunately, I'll have some money again by then.

101. Mountain Dew Various Colored Fruity Caffeinated Beverages truly are rock juice.

110. I played one game online but the game wasn't calibrated right for the new display I put it on and I felt kinda silly. I also need a headset so I can go "OH OKAY THAT'S HOW I'M SUPPOSED TO DO THINGS, THANKS." But again, that'll come once we have money again. We kinda stripped the Money Tree bare today for quite some time.

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So, Spatch, how's things?
Huh? Oh, things are fine. Been super busy. This explains the embarrassing lack of Actual Factual Honest-To-Goodness Writing lately. That and the fact that they've gone and blocked LJ at the office for the most part.
Sorry to hear that. So what have you been up to?
Well, we just wrapped a two-week run of Much Ado About Nothing, where I stepped in midway and played an ancient sidekick to R Jo's librarian constable, and lo was there much mirth and 'musement. Sorry you didn't see it, but you're off in $OTHERLAND or something and would have only expressed sincere upsetness about it all had you been informed. (We're trying to make things easy for you lately; we know how it is.) It was a wonderful show and the cast was very tight and even the Thursday night show had more energy than some opening nights I've been through.

Other than that, well, the Red Shift radio funtime jubilee project continues on apace, and once the first series is mastered we'll have it out for release, and are working on recording the second series. At this rate I'd like to have both series finished so we can release episodes on a bi-weekly basis and actually have it look like we're maintaining some semblance of a schedule. However, as is the case with many pet projects, you can only pet after you've done all the other important stuff in your life, and by gum we know a lot of people with a lot of important stuff going on. At least the official website's finished and ready for content.

The new season of Doctor Who has started, so it's time to set aside an hour plus each week for snark and love. The jury's still out on Catherine Tate as Tennant's new companion. From what I hear Tate is the British comedienne equivalent of Molly Shannon, relying on repetitive obnoxious characters with one or two equally obnoxious catchphrases ("Am I bovvered?" is apparently the new "I'm fifty!") but I will admit she's got some chops and has seen fit to remove a great deal of the Really Annoying aspects of her character from the last time we saw her, during the Christmas Special in between Rose's last and Martha's only season. Maybe at some point I'll get annoyed and start complaining again and writing really hilarious parody scripts, but I actually enjoyed the most recent episode involving Pompeii. Even if one of the bad guys really really really really wanted to be John Hurt in the worst way. (Did we not learn from what happened to him in I, Claudius? I mean, really, people.)

Oh, and there's also now an XBox 360 sitting where the PS2 used to sit, and Rock Band is coming on Friday. Anybody around Davis Square who wants to come play, we'll probably do something up on Friday or maybe Saturday night. Well, I'll be playing all weekend in a mad attempt to unlock as much stuff as I can, but there's only so much one can do in Solo Tour mode so stop on by if you want to take a turn.
Aw, dang, I live too far away; allow me to express my displeasure by using these emoticons.
Go right ahead. In the meantime, I am perfectly happy playing at being a Pinata Pimp.
Wait, what the heck's a Pinata Pimp?
We'll discuss that later.


Mar. 23rd, 2008 11:52 am
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PUZZLE QUEST: Hey, Spatch.


PQ: Do you like Bejeweled?

SPATCH: Uh, sure.

PQ: And do you like RPGs?

SPATCH: Yeah, I guess.

PQ: Then I bet you'd like me! I'm an unholy cross between Bejeweled and an RPG!

SPATCH: Doesn't sound all that compelling. In this game, do I just, like, battle a computer opponent by playing Bejeweled at them?

PQ: Yeah! More or less. We take turns making moves and stuff.

SPATCH: Puzzle Pirates already did a single-player variant on Bejeweled, and they had more than just one game to play, too. I just don't see what the appeal would be here. Running around a land playing Bejeweled against monsters?

PQ: Oh come on, give us a tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

SPATCH: I've got other things to do.

PQ: You know you waaaaaant toooooooo...

SPATCH: Oh, ok, let's just see what all the fuss is about.


SPATCH: Fuck you, Puzzle Quest.

PQ: Nice move! Now watch as I do a chain of multiple four-in-a-rows and make sure I get all the good adds and smack you around for good measure!

SPATCH: Fuck you fuck you fuck you.

PQ: Aw, I left you with one move, see?

SPATCH: Yeah, one that sets you up for another combo chain. You cheat, Docta Jones.

PQ: Didn't you have stuff to do?

SPATCH: Yeah, but it can wait until I get to level 15 and win the fight against the ogre and capture that other dood so I can learn his spells and then buy some new gear so I can bolster my spells and do damage every time I capture yellow mana and and and and and and OH HOW I LOATHE YOU PUZZLE QUEST

SATAN: Yay! That's another notch in my satanic bedpost!



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